About the book

Let’s face it, corporate finance can be a daunting topic, even for professionals. But finance makes the world go round, even when it makes your head spin. The aim of this new book is to “break the financial ice” and make corporate finance accessible to anybody — don’t worry, you won’t need an economics or accounting background!

So how do we pull off this clever magic trick ?

  • By talking it through. First we introduce a concept, then we hand it over to a couple of oddball characters and let them hash it out in a sort of Q&A dialogue that hits all the key points.
  • By explaining things in layman’s language. Like any professional field these days, corporate finance can be a dense jungle of jargon; we take a sharp blade and hack through it. The need-to-know finance terms are explained in separate “Financialese” boxes interspersed throughout the book.
  • By keeping it entertaining. Nobody wants to get bogged down in tedious academic discourses, especially when their money and their business are at stake. So the tone is light, conversational, even irreverent at times – finance may be serious stuff, but it can take a joke.
  • By emphasizing practice over theory. You learn to ride a bike by riding one. So every chapter has real-life applications or business cases for you to work through. “Learning through doing” is our mantra.
  • By pointing out the common pitfalls that newbies are likely to fall into. Every road has its potholes; we help you steer around them.

Size matters
Why pack a steamer trunk when everything you will need at your destination can fit nicely into a carry-on? There are a lot of hefty, encyclopaedic finance books on the market, but our goal was to focus on the essentials and make a practical, compact book that won’t give you a hernia when you pick it up. Mission accomplished. Breaking the Financial Ice covers all the key areas and concepts in corporate finance and does it in under 320 pages!

What’s inside

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